#Spring 2020

The AT-6 Texan

…And the men who made the plane that trained the flyers that won the war.

From Cotton Field to Love Field

Dallas’s renowned airport is rich with history.

Steak Finger Headquarters

In Andrews, Texas, half a century ago, two best friends had a common goal to…

Soaring above the Desert Dry Line

Burt Compton’s Marfa Gliders

PAGEANTRY In a vividly colored scene (above) from the Easter Pageant of Junction, high priests pass judgment on Jesus.
Calvary in the Hill Country

Viewing the site, it’s easy to imagine a rocky, brush-strewn hill outside Jerusalem. Looking up,…

Stories of the Sky

It’s one thing to read history in a book. It’s another to watch it play…

Edith W. McKanna, Scurry County’s Pioneer Aviator

Suddenly, the name Edith Whatley McKanna is big news again. It was decades ago when…

Aviation in Texas

Courage, Perseverance, and Innovation

The Spirit of “Queen Bess”

In Atlanta, Texas, Residents Follow Hometown Heroine’s Flight Path

Fly By Wire

The Stanzel Model Aircraft Museum Features Toys That Really Fly