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If you only saw the Fannin County Courthouse in Bonham five years ago and then saw it again now, you’d swear it was not the same building. After a four-year restoration that cost $27.8 million, it is utterly transformed. The beautiful French Second Empire-style courthouse with elaborate stonework and soaring clock tower is back after
Each October, Texas Archeology Month celebrates the state’s history and heritage through the lens of archeology. What started decades ago as a relatively small weeklong celebration, could not remain diminutive—not in the Lone Star State! The commemoration has grown into one of the biggest, if not the biggest, state celebrations of archeology in the country.
A tortillería in the middle of summer is no joke. My interview with Robert Borrego Jr., owner of Adelita Tamales and Tortilla Factory in San Antonio took place on what must have been one of the hottest days last July. As I noticed the sweat starting to form on the nape of my neck, I
The Texas Historical Commission’s (THC) Texas Treasure Business Award (TTBA) stands out from most of the agency’s programs by honoring active establishments that are rooted in both the present and the past. Unlike more traditionally preserved historic things such as houses, forts, battlefields, artifacts, and documents, this program recognizes historic businesses while they are still

Each October, dozens of historic sites, museums, universities, county historical commissions, and archeological facilities across Texas host public events and activities focused on archeology. Texas…

Fittingly, Austin’s nucleus of intellectual activity—the University of Texas—is also its literary hub. With nearly 50,000 students on a 357-acre campus, UT is a major…

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