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Imagine a city where the echoes of the past mingle with the cheers of the present, where you can find both a major cattle-driving route from the 19th century less than a mile from a national championship facility. Welcome to Round Rock, Texas, a city that has woven a rich tapestry of history and sports,
Polo has long been known as the sport of kings, but for a few years during the early 1930s in Georgetown and the Texas Hill Country, it became the sport of cowboys. Polo was introduced to the United States around 1876 and soon afterward Texas became known for its tough, agile cowponies that were ideal
A quick stroll around downtown Elgin will reveal several artistic gems that mirror the diverse and rich history of the town itself – including a variety of ghost signs. Also known as fading ads or brick ads, ghost signs are the old and usually fading advertisement painted on what are or were exterior walls. Vibrant
Looking for a fun way to add some “fright to your night?” Then hurry on over to Tablerock Festival of Salado’s Fright Trail! This popular Central Texas attraction has thrilled participants for over 18 years. In keeping with the Halloween spirit, Tablerock Festival of Salado’s one-half mile walking trail is transformed into a chilling yet
What is more Texan than a Dr Pepper? For many, the answer is nothing. There are many people in our state who would even say they bleed Dr Pepper. But how did this drink come to be so popular? Join me as we explore the creation of Dr Pepper and its legacy. Although the history