Trail Drives

ELITE MANEUVERS The United States Air Force Thunderbirds fly in formation above he Bell Fort Worth Alliance Air Show | Photo Courtesy the Bell Fort Worth Alliance Air Show

Texas Airshows

Touch-and-gos. Pyrotechnics. Barrel rolls. Helicopter rescues. Skydiving. If the prospect of seeing any of these…

Sky Trails

While most of Authentic Texas’s “Trail Drives” follow auto routes, this one may best be…

Taking a Trip Back in Time

Touring the West Texas World War II Museums

UP, UP AND AWAY While hot-air balloon events can be found all across the Lone Star State, the cities of Abilene, Canton, Longview, and Plano go all out and up each year. | iStock/ Getty Images

Balloons Over Texas

Get in and go, or just enjoy the glow

The Pluck of the Irish

The Emerald Isle Comes to the Lone Star State

The Germans’ Journey to Boerne

In the 1840s Germany was plagued with overpopulation. There was barely enough farmland to raise…