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Have you ever wanted to step back in time and experience some of the military weaponry that’s shaped world history for generations? Well, now’s your chance! Visitors of all ages are welcome to discover firsthand how ships, planes, tanks, missiles, and more shaped today’s world at the Museum of Military Models in Clyde, Texas. This
Throughout the frontier It brought great acclaim to the owner. News of it appeared in practically all Texas newspapers and spread throughout the national press. Exhibited at the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago and at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, it captured the imagination of millions. Teddy Roosevelt offered to purchase it for $5,000.
Cathy Allen understands the nostalgia that so many customers experience when they visit Owl Drug in Coleman, whether it’s to get a prescription filled, buy something in the gift shop, or enjoy a coffee, smoothie, breakfast or lunch in the soda fountain & grill. She and her two brothers helped out with the family-owned business
The Texas Forts Trail Region – a 29-county area in Central West Texas – is home to a variety of historic sites, museums and attractions and offers visitors unique local flavors, shopping opportunities and outdoor adventures. The “trail” is a 650-mile driving loop through the region. The Forts Trail Region was the pilot organization In
You don’t have to be a sports fan to enjoy a visit to the Ben Hogan Museum, located in a historic building in downtown Dublin, Hogan’s childhood home. The museum is included in the Travel Channel’s “10 Bucket List Destinations for Golf Fans,” but even non-golfers will find something of interest and will appreciate learning
Ever been to a football game at the Cotton Bowl? How about a NASCAR experience at Texas Motor Speedway? If so, you know just about everything you need to know about Southern Bleacher, located in Graham, the county seat of Young County about 60 miles south of Wichita Falls. Southern Bleacher Company, with roots dating
Like many before him, Bob Bluthardt ventured West and came to Texas looking for opportunity. Over forty years later, Bob is an acknowledged expert in baseball and Texas frontier history and is proud to call Texas home. He has served on the boards of many local and statewide organizations to include the Society for American
When Jake and Dorothy Roach opened their café in June of 1948, Harry Truman was president, and the latest inventions were the transistor radio and the polaroid camera. But the locals in Stephenville believe the most noteworthy invention in 1948 took place at Jake & Dorothy’s Café: the waffle fry. You’re really missing out if
Nothing says Texas like a windmill spinning in the breeze, pumping water from deep beneath the hard, baked soil. And, if it’s authentic Texas, it will have an iconic name stamped on the tail – Aermotor. The first Aermotor windmill was introduced in 1888 in Illinois, although other windmills existed at the time. Only 24