Tristan Smith

Tristan Smith, a Texas native who moved to Houston in 2011, has worked in the museum field for over 24 years, and has published two books about history in Texas with a third in progress.
For more than two decades, Alvin native Nolan Ryan ruled the diamond. His legacy should speak for itself by this point in history. However, the legacy he is paving for his life off the mound may have an even greater impact than the one he spent dominating batters. For the uninitiated, though, let’s take a
Football in Texas. It’s like Whataburger, Buc-ee’s, and the is a Texas institution. High school football transcends; it draws communities together and paves the way for a player’s next step. The National Football League is filled with players from the Lone Star State. The stadiums they play in have storied histories as well. A
Every state celebrates a milestone…sesquicentennial of statehood, or bicentennial of the country, but Texas has something that no other state in the Union truly has – its very own Independence Day, separate from that of 1776. Texas Independence Day is the celebration of the adoption of the Texas Declaration of Independence on March 2, 1836.
The Leahy brothers, Harry, and his younger brother Willie, were typical young cowboys in 1908 Texas, maybe a little brash and occasionally struck by a wild streak. Their family, with a long linage in Texas, were highly respected residents of Mathis and for many generations owned a ranch in San Patricio County. On one occasion,
There has been a serious resurgence in UFO interest recently. Now referred to as UAPs, or Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena, everyone right up to national intelligence and defense officials are talking about them in the halls of Congress. Whether it’s legend, lore, tall tales, or real, Texas has long been a hotbed of UFO sightings for
One of America’s most venerated haunted locations isn’t a house. There are no rooms with furniture shrouded in sheets, dark corners of Victorian-era parlors, or musty old stone basements filled with shadows. No, instead, it’s floating in Corpus Christi Bay, right off the coast. Known as the “Blue Ghost,” the USS Lexington was the Navy’s
In a city now rife with Tex-Mex restaurant options on nearly every street, once upon a time Houston boasted only a select few options. When a skinny 18-year kid named Raul Molina decided to seek a better life for himself, that all changed. Raul struck out from Laredo, Mexico, for places unknown in Texas, but
It is said that state mottoes reflect the character and beliefs of the citizens of that state; or, at least it did when the motto was adopted. A state motto is typically a phrase or sentence that showcases a state’s ideals, its unifying beliefs, or its goals. All U.S. states have at least one motto,
In a state where everything bigger is better, it comes as no surprise that Sauroposeidon, the state dinosaur (adopted June 19, 2009), is the tallest ever. While not the biggest overall, it gives the Argentinosaurus a run for its money in weight and length. The fossil record for this behemoth is relatively scant; however, you

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