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May the story of Eastland’s famed horned toad Old Rip never rest in peace. It’s too good a tale to…

Texas native Warren D. Harkins served his country in the United States Air Force before finding another way to impact the Big Country and surrounding areas. As founder and curator of the Museum of Military Models in Clyde, Texas, Harkins now helps veterans find peace through his non-profit work and partnership with Texas Hunters for
A need, a means, a concept, and someone to bring these factors together must be present for places to develop. One of these individuals who made development possible was Wyatt C. Hedrick, an architect-builder who transformed the skyline in Texas communities, especially Fort Worth, during the early twentieth century. Born in Virginia, he moved to
Have you ever wanted to step back in time and experience some of the military weaponry that’s shaped world history for generations? Well, now’s your chance! Visitors of all ages are welcome to discover firsthand how ships, planes, tanks, missiles, and more shaped today’s world at the Museum of Military Models in Clyde, Texas. This
Throughout the frontier It brought great acclaim to the owner. News of it appeared in practically all Texas newspapers and spread throughout the national press. Exhibited at the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago and at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, it captured the imagination of millions. Teddy Roosevelt offered to purchase it for $5,000.