Austin Allison

Austin Allison is an assistant librarian at Texas Tech University’s Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library.
Conference realignment. It is the periodic buzzword that makes the rounds of college athletics for the past three or more decades as schools and conferences aim to sweeten their television contracts. The history of college athletics runs mostly parallel to the history of college athletic conferences, and with that history comes the stories of conference
Transitory or not, tumbleweeds possess the sort of legendary semi-permanence in Texas that makes them one of the most prolific icons that represent the state. It is no surprise then that one of Texas’ most prolific broadcasters, Big Spring’s Bob Lewis known professionally as “Tumbleweed Smith,” took on this Texas-style moniker to create one of

Be it a witty euphemism or a roundabout slap in the face, describing a county jail’s occupants as “comfortably lodged” evokes intriguing thoughts about jailhouse conditions in years past. This term, along with other colloquial language, is sprinkled across regional…

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