2023 Spring

By Bob McCullough

The Rise & History of San Antonio’s C.H. Guenther & Sons Food Empire – from Gravy to Breads.

Transitory or not, tumbleweeds possess the sort of legendary semi-permanence in Texas that makes them one of the most prolific icons that represent the state. It is no surprise then that one of Texas’ most prolific broadcasters, Big Spring’s Bob Lewis known professionally as “Tumbleweed Smith,” took on this Texas-style moniker to create one of
Of the many species of exotic animals inhabiting the Texas Hill Country, the first to arrive were camels from the Middle East, part of an experiment undertaken by the U. S. government before the Civil War. Some observers at the time termed it folly; others believed it to be genius. In any case, the camels
Nothing says Texas like a windmill spinning in the breeze, pumping water from deep beneath the hard, baked soil. And, if it’s authentic Texas, it will have an iconic name stamped on the tail – Aermotor. The first Aermotor windmill was introduced in 1888 in Illinois, although other windmills existed at the time. Only 24
It’s late 1892 and livestock far outnumber the 600 or so humans in the new Texas Panhandle town of Amarillo. Imagine riding your horse into town to do your weekly errands, including a stop to check out the new bank, Amarillo National Bank (ANB). Tie up out front and mosey into the bank at the
If you were to survey Texans on the things they love most about their state, we can guarantee some of these things would make the list: bluebonnets, barbeque, Tex-Mex, high school football, Dr Pepper, sunsets, George Strait, small towns and Texas businesses. Bluebell,  Buc-ee’s and Dairy Queen have the following and admiration of many Texans,
Originally called El Valle Kennels and established in 1935, Barkerhaus Kennels is the oldest operational kennel in El Paso. Although the name implies a spin on the sound of a dog’s voice, Barkerhaus is actually named after founders Stephen and Frances Barker. Originally from Missouri, the Barkers moved to El Paso in 1929. Mr. Barker
As soon as they could walk, Robert Potts Jr. and Michael Potts would visit the family business, Cochran, Blair & Potts Department Store in downtown Belton. They would entertain customers and visit with employees. Eventually, they would help around the store, cleaning display cases, taking out the trash and wrapping presents at Christmastime. Now Robert,
Mountain Zone TV is the oldest family-operated business in Alpine, and one of the oldest in the region. In 1956, broadcast television was non-existent in the Trans-Pecos mountainous area of Brewster, Jeff Davis, and Presidio counties. And, the technology for rebroadcasting television signals did not exist yet. But that would soon change. After being discharged
Imagine the scene of a family sitting around in a living room after they’ve finished dinner. The parents are on the couch, maybe a sister sitting in a chair and a brother sprawled out on the floor. They are gathered closer than just sitting in the room; their attention fixed on what appears to be
It is said that state mottoes reflect the character and beliefs of the citizens of that state; or, at least it did when the motto was adopted. A state motto is typically a phrase or sentence that showcases a state’s ideals, its unifying beliefs, or its goals. All U.S. states have at least one motto,
Mike Capron is a well-known Texas cowboy artist and a U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam War veteran. Capron says he has always been fascinated with riding, roping and painting. After graduating from high school, he eventually landed his first “real” cowboy job working on the Mescalero Apache Indian Reservation. Then in 1965, Capron enlisted in the
Taste it, and you can’t put it down! That’s what thousands of loyal customers across Texas and throughout the United States experience with Julio’s Chips! This small company has humble beginnings – literally from Julio Garcia’s family kitchen in Del Rio, Texas. Today, the company produces 135,000 pounds of chips, 13,650 cases of salsa and
What is more Texan than a Dr Pepper? For many, the answer is nothing. There are many people in our state who would even say they bleed Dr Pepper. But how did this drink come to be so popular? Join me as we explore the creation of Dr Pepper and its legacy. Although the history
In a city now rife with Tex-Mex restaurant options on nearly every street, once upon a time Houston boasted only a select few options. When a skinny 18-year kid named Raul Molina decided to seek a better life for himself, that all changed. Raul struck out from Laredo, Mexico, for places unknown in Texas, but
A tortillería in the middle of summer is no joke. My interview with Robert Borrego Jr., owner of Adelita Tamales and Tortilla Factory in San Antonio took place on what must have been one of the hottest days last July. As I noticed the sweat starting to form on the nape of my neck, I
The Texas Historical Commission’s (THC) Texas Treasure Business Award (TTBA) stands out from most of the agency’s programs by honoring active establishments that are rooted in both the present and the past. Unlike more traditionally preserved historic things such as houses, forts, battlefields, artifacts, and documents, this program recognizes historic businesses while they are still
Though the main mission of the State Archives is to preserve the records of state government, we also collect, maintain, and make accessible records of individuals, families, businesses, and organizations, including paper, digital, prints and photographs, video and sound, and artifacts at the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC). All together, these treasures represent

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