Author: Tammy Fisher


A 5th generation Sutton County resident and an Attorney at Law in Sonora, Tammy Fisher also serves as president of the Sutton County Historical Society.

Ever heard of the Wild Bunch? Sundance Kid? Butch Cassidy? In one of the most famous outlaw photos every taken, is also one of Sonora’s claims to fame: Will Carver (top left), who died in a hail of bullets in downtown Sonora, Texas, while casing the First National Bank of Sonora in 1901. Born in 1868, Carver was said to have been a “good looking, quiet, nice boy.” In 1880, young Will set out to become a cowboy with his uncle Dick, who had already spent time in the state penitentiary. In 1889, they joined the crew on the Sixes…

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