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Traveling Exhibits Designed for Small Budgets and Unusual Spaces!

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Traveling Exhibits Designed for Small Budgets and Unusual Spaces!

The Texas Lakes Trail Region has provided quality exhibits for over 10 years and have expanded their offerings from a single exhibit to five on topics ranging from Vaqueros to Quanah Parker to Doilies!

The Lakes Trail Region’s goal is to provide communities with heritage-related exhibits that can fit into the smallest of budgets and that will increase visitation to the community and the host site. Some examples of where the exhibits have been displayed include: libraries, universities, public schools, museums, community centers, galleries, and living history sites just to name a few. Perhaps your organization or community would be interested in one of the following exhibits.

The Quanah Parker pictorial exhibit consists of 48 panels that are mounted on lightweight rhino board. The exhibit contains no priceless artifacts that need special security so, it can go almost anywhere. You can display the exhibit however will best suit your space.

The Chisholm Trail Exhibit begins with the arrival of cattle and horses in the Americas through the end of the Trail era. The exhibit is educational and filled with photos and illustrations from the period. There are 42 light weight panels that are hung in numerical order. The Chisholm Trail exhibit experience is easily enhanced by your own western artifacts or books.

The Texas Crochet Heritage Exhibit concentrates on crochet doilies but also includes doilies made with other techniques. This textile-related exhibit goes beyond the admiration for pretty home décor items and includes looking into a host of other subjects. 

The Vaquero: The First American Cowboy Traveling Exhibit: Long before the pilgrims set foot on this continent, Spain had colonies established in the Mexico. The patrons of hacendados, as the land-owners were called, employed people of Spanish and Indian ancestry, known as Mestizos. These people became experts at handling large herds of cattle using their horsemanship and roping skills. They developed methods, tools and language, remaining in use today as a part of the present cattle industry.

This exhibit honors the women who served our country during WWII overseas and on the home front. Women worked in defense industries, joined the military, and completed countless other tasks to move the Allies closer to victory.  In many cases, they made these contributions while meeting family obligations at home.  The Women, Aviation and WWII Traveling Exhibit features the WASP’s, Rosie the Riveters, and famous aviatrix Jackie Cochran.

Exhibit dates are open now through 2022. Visit the Texas Lakes Trail website and look under the “Partners” tab for exhibit specific information. Contact Jill Campbell directly to check on available dates and details at (817) 559-2288 or at

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