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Authentic Texas Issue 26 – Ghosts, UFOs & Folklore

Each October, Texas Archeology Month celebrates the state’s history and heritage through the lens of archeology. What started decades ago as a relatively small weeklong celebration, could not remain diminutive—not in the Lone Star State! The commemoration has grown into one of the biggest, if not the biggest, state celebrations of archeology in the country.
As we celebrate the centennial of Texas State Parks, the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) is excited to share two of our online exhibits—as you plan your next trip, check out some history. Our digitized photographs, maps, state planning documents, and more are freely accessible online from anywhere, 24/7! Every Texan who has
Like many before him, Bob Bluthardt ventured West and came to Texas looking for opportunity. Over forty years later, Bob is an acknowledged expert in baseball and Texas frontier history and is proud to call Texas home. He has served on the boards of many local and statewide organizations to include the Society for American
The Leahy brothers, Harry, and his younger brother Willie, were typical young cowboys in 1908 Texas, maybe a little brash and occasionally struck by a wild streak. Their family, with a long linage in Texas, were highly respected residents of Mathis and for many generations owned a ranch in San Patricio County. On one occasion,
A quick stroll around downtown Elgin will reveal several artistic gems that mirror the diverse and rich history of the town itself – including a variety of ghost signs. Also known as fading ads or brick ads, ghost signs are the old and usually fading advertisement painted on what are or were exterior walls. Vibrant
Already proven entrepreneurs, Felipe and Celia Morales saw a need in Midland, Texas, for homemade Mexican food. Along with other family members, they operated several other businesses: a beauty salon, a barbershop, a record store and a financial and insurance company. However, Felipe and Celia decided to open a Mexican food restaurant.  They traveled across
Tracing its history back to 1923, the Slaton Bakery is one of the oldest continuously operating bakeries in Texas. Three generations of dedicated bakers have made life sweeter for West Texans; today folks across the state can enjoy treats from this family that is still committed to quality and taste. The town of Slaton is