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We are a small and determined group of individuals who are passionate about the culture and heritage travel opportunities in Texas. Our company is owned by, and supports, seven non-profits that implement regionally-based heritage tourism efforts. Our first endeavor, Authentic Texas magazine, launched in 2016. This quarterly publication allows us to share stories about the authentic people, places and things that make the Lone Star State unique. As with many businesses, we are regrouping following the Covid-19 pandemic. Limitations during 2020 makes us eager to expand our offerings into the audiovisual and product arenas. 

Thus, we have launched an Indiegogo Authentic Texas campaign.

Our initial goal is $25,000; however, we’d be thrilled to secure six times that amount!

Your help and financial support will 

  • enable us to fully commit to our Fall and Winter issues as our advertising base is still rebuilding and we are not yet confident the ad revenue volume will fully support publication costs;
  • underwrite the loss of subscriber revenue based on the decision to extend all subscriptions by two issues to offset last year’s interruption in production;
  • commission the digitizing of articles and material from our first eight issues; and
  • provide the means for us to confidently launch an “Authentic Texas” online marketplace.

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For some, the greatest reward is being part of a bigger team helping us to continue producing content showcasing the authentic people, places and things about the Lone Star State. However, we’ve put together a variety of rewards – known as “perks”– that correlate with contribution amounts.

Some of the perks are designed for those interested in exploring, experiencing or learning more about Texas.

Other perks are for advertisers.

Perhaps you’d consider giving an advertising perk to help your favorite museum, a local attraction or a unique local business that could use some post-Pandemic marketing help!

General guidance on our perks follows:

  • The two-year print and digital subscriptions will begin September 1, 2022 (for our Fall ’21 issue).
  • Advertising packages must be used by the end of 2022.
    • Print and digital ads are to be used in the Fall ’21, Winter ’21, Spring ’22, Summer ’22, Fall ’22 and/or Winter ’22 issues.
    • E-newsletter ads are to be used September ’21 through December ’22.

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What difference does Authentic Texas make?

Authentic Texas

supports the work of seven nonprofit organizations that work with museums, historic sites, educators, preservationists, chambers of commerce, economic development programs, and governmental entities on behalf of heritage tourism. 

provides a voice for the untold and undertold stories of this great land and it introduces individuals who are passionate about a topic or a place to a larger audience.

is the only publication of its kind in Texas dedicated to highlighting the state’s multi-faceted history, its various cultural influences and showcasing dynamic preservation efforts. Every story must relate to a place the general public can visit and must relate to the culture and heritage of Texas.

is readily available to travelers who are visiting Texas, moving to Texas or exploring Texas. For those who are visiting or are new to the state, this publication is an introduction to the those things that are uniquely Texan. For the born-and-raised or long-time Texan, Authentic Texas scratches the itch for knowing more about a subject or place.

Our team is made up of business leaders and tourism professionals who represent seven regional non-profit organizations; their mission is to help develop and promote heritage tourism within their region. They showcase the people, places and history within their region that make it unique and make it desirable to visit and enjoy whether you are on leisure travel, business trips or simply experiencing a “staycation” in your own back yard!  That is what we call “heritage tourism.” 

To fully comprehend this great State of Texas you must be able to experience the places, activities, artifacts, food, and festivities that authentically represent the stories and people of the past and present.  Our offerings make that possible by showcasing these special things across the state.  Every issue become a resource and a reference document and/or serves as the impetus to spur someone to action to finally make that trip they’ve been talking about forever.

Seeking sustainability, in 2016 our group of nonprofits created a business and launched a quarterly magazine highlighting the heritage and culture of Texas. Issues have been crafted around an assortment of themes and a wide variety of folks have graced the cover. Our volunteer team provided the direction, handled the day-to-day operations and managed social media efforts; we contracted with professionals for specific skills and abilities. 

The magazine is available 

  • for free at state historic sites, numerous visitor centers, museums, and every Texas Travel Information Center;
  • by subscription (print and digital); and
  • in retail outlets such as Barnes & Noble Bookstores and HEB and United grocery stores.

As ad revenue grew, so did the number of subscribers and distribution points. In 2019, our volunteer CEO made the leap of faith to become the first salaried employee and several functions that had been outsourced were brought in-house.

Then, the pandemic hit. 

We quickly strengthened our on-line presence by creating a totally new digital platform and improved our ability to continue offering stories and material to our subscribers as well as the general public.

However, since most of our advertisers are travel and tourism-related, our revenue dropped by more than half. And, in a bitter twist of fate, as a business owned equally by seven non-profits, we did not qualify for any state or federal economic relief.

In 2020 we were able to print only two of our four issues; this year we just recently printed a combined Spring/Summer issue and are working to get back to our regular quarterly print schedule with the Fall and Winter issues. 

Like many, we are rebuilding and moving forward –
and would greatly appreciate your help.

Whether or not you can make a financial contribution at the moment,
we’d still really appreciate your help 
in spreading the word about this campaign.
Share this page via social media, or mentioning Authentic Texas to your friends.

Thank you!

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