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State Historic Sites Exemplify Texan Resilience

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State Historic Sites Exemplify Texan Resilience


Despite challenges and a brief printing interruption, Authentic Texas is back in print and stronger than ever online. Texan resilience seems evident everywhere you look. Our heritage sites theme is perfect to highlight the same tenacity and leadership exemplified across State Historic Sites. Speaking of leadership, recognition of Texas Historical Commission Chairman John Nau III as our Authentic Person is especially timely as well. 

State historic sites host events and reenactments that bring thousands onto the battlefields and through missions and forts that led to Texas Independence, as well as honor courage, hard work, dedication and ingenuity. Historic sites reveal the roots of many cultures that have blended for centuries into the heart of Texans. Start planning your next trip along our driving trails that will take you to forts, house museums and battlegrounds to discover connections that exist between all of us, rooted in people, places and events that have united Texans.

Don’t forget to plan your meals along the way. Where else can you learn about fine Mexican food from Leal’s in Muleshoe? Regardless of your taste and destination, look up the great Eats and Drinks throughout past issues of Authentic Texas on our website and make plans to visit one.  

Several stories outside the theme appeal to me personally. Growing up, my Grandpa Happy (his actual name by the way) called square dancing in the huge parlor of our home. As an amateur photographer, the vintage photography by Cody Mobley fascinates me. We can’t imagine holding a smile longer than a few seconds, try holding one for minutes! 

“Living History” is a common theme heard across state historic sites. Hundreds of docents and volunteers share their knowledge, connections and experiences with visitors and students. Although we concentrated upon state owned and operated historic sites by the Texas Historical Commission, the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department or the General Land Office, living history is shared throughout heritage sites across Texas, big and small. People, places, structures and artifacts can bring history to life for visitors without anyone uttering a word. Preserving the past educates people about sacrifice, ingenuity and dedication beyond history books or classrooms. 

Historic sites bring honor, inspiration and appreciation for benefits or even tragedies that are rooted in the past. I hope you enjoy reading this issue and are inspired to visit these authentic places!

Mike Carlisle

Manager, Texas Tropical Trail Region

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