Blazing the High Trail Over Texas

By Bob McCullough

As the crisis of World War II swept the nation, Dorothy Ann Smith Lucas—affectionately known as Dottie—and 1,102 other Women Airforce Service Pilots(WASP) of the Greatest Generation—didn’t realize they would serve as trailblazers for women in aviation.

Suddenly, the name Edith Whatley McKanna is big news again. It was decades ago when McKanna, who grew up in the Scurry County community of Fluvanna, became the first woman in Texas to get a pilot’s license and to own her own plane. Her name was big again when she became a member of the

While most of Authentic Texas’s “Trail Drives” follow auto routes, this one may best be…

#1. What Houston-born aviator and “Spruce Goose” inventor set speed records as a pilot, participating in a crew that cut Charles Lindbergh’s time for crossing the Atlantic by half in 1938? enter answer here In 1938, Howard Hughes and a four-man crew landed their specially equipped Lockheed 14 in New York City, having circled the globe

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