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By Bob McCullough

As the crisis of World War II swept the nation, Dorothy Ann Smith Lucas—affectionately known as Dottie—and 1,102 other Women Airforce Service Pilots(WASP) of the Greatest Generation—didn’t realize they would serve as trailblazers for women in aviation.



Stories of the Sky

It’s one thing to read history in a book. It’s another to watch it play…

Edith W. McKanna, Scurry County’s Pioneer Aviator

Suddenly, the name Edith Whatley McKanna is big news again. It was decades ago when…

The Spirit of “Queen Bess”

In Atlanta, Texas, Residents Follow Hometown Heroine’s Flight Path

Fly By Wire

The Stanzel Model Aircraft Museum Features Toys That Really Fly

Skies Unite Across the Sea

Terrell’s School Was First for British Fliers

TOP GUN Perhaps the most widely recognized Navy fighter, thanks to its starring role in Top Gun, the F-14 Tomcat served as an advanced interceptor and air superiority fighter. | Courtesy Fort Worth Aviation Museum
Preserving our aviation heritage at the Fort Worth Aviation Museum

Ever since the first airplane flight in Fort Worth, Texas, on January 12, 1911, aviation…

THE KANSAN Nicknamed for the location of the aircraft plant where it was manufactured (Wichita, Kansas), this 1942 Beechcraft AT-11 Kansan bombardier is a favorite backdrop for group photos at the Midland Army Air Force Museum. | Courtesy H. A. Tuck, Jr.
Blue Skies over the Tall City

How Midland Became a Magnet for Military Aviation


ELITE MANEUVERS The United States Air Force Thunderbirds fly in formation above he Bell Fort Worth Alliance Air Show | Photo Courtesy the Bell Fort Worth Alliance Air Show

Texas Airshows

Touch-and-gos. Pyrotechnics. Barrel rolls. Helicopter rescues. Skydiving. If the prospect of seeing any of these…

Sky Trails

While most of Authentic Texas’s “Trail Drives” follow auto routes, this one may best be…

Taking a Trip Back in Time

Touring the West Texas World War II Museums

UP, UP AND AWAY While hot-air balloon events can be found all across the Lone Star State, the cities of Abilene, Canton, Longview, and Plano go all out and up each year. | iStock/ Getty Images

Balloons Over Texas

Get in and go, or just enjoy the glow

No Wrong Way to Enjoy Feldman’s

Planning a three-hour tour around Canyon, Texas? Maybe a visit to the Panhandle-Plains Historic Museum,…

Steak Finger Headquarters

In Andrews, Texas, half a century ago, two best friends had a common goal to…

PAGEANTRY In a vividly colored scene (above) from the Easter Pageant of Junction, high priests pass judgment on Jesus.

Calvary in the Hill Country

Viewing the site, it’s easy to imagine a rocky, brush-strewn hill outside Jerusalem. Looking up,…

Farley Boat Works

The Fine Art of Wooden Craft


Marjorie Stinson

Aviation History in the State Archives

Meet the Texas Downtown Association

What does an East Texas town of 3,500 with a downtown youth council, a Panhandle…

Karnes County Craftsmanship

On an unusually brisk April afternoon in 2018, county residents packed the courthouse square in…

Soaring above the Desert Dry Line

Burt Compton’s Marfa Gliders

Aviation in Texas

Courage, Perseverance, and Innovation