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Known more popularly as a “horned toad,” “horny toad,” or “horned frog,” the Texas Horned Lizard is neither. They are not amphibians, like other toads, but instead are reptiles with claws and scales. Their appearance has a long heritage within Texas history and prehistory. Some Native American tribes revered horned lizards as sacred animals. Throughout
Texans typically like to be thought of as resilient, durable and able to withstand adversity. It’s no surprise then that the state’s official native shrub – purple sage – exhibits those traits synonymous with  toughness. In all likelihood, most sons and daughters of the Lone Star State aren’t aware that Texas even has an official
It is said that state mottoes reflect the character and beliefs of the citizens of that state; or, at least it did when the motto was adopted. A state motto is typically a phrase or sentence that showcases a state’s ideals, its unifying beliefs, or its goals. All U.S. states have at least one motto,
Texas' Official Seashell The Texas shoreline off the Gulf of Mexico is 624 miles long, but the plains of Texas — in the form of shallow water and bays with sandy or muddy bottoms and an abundance of clams and oysters — are still visible if you look in the right places. The lightning whelk,
In a state where everything bigger is better, it comes as no surprise that Sauroposeidon, the state dinosaur (adopted June 19, 2009), is the tallest ever. While not the biggest overall, it gives the Argentinosaurus a run for its money in weight and length. The fossil record for this behemoth is relatively scant; however, you