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Conference realignment. It is the periodic buzzword that makes the rounds of college athletics for the past three or more decades as schools and conferences aim to sweeten their television contracts. The history of college athletics runs mostly parallel to the history of college athletic conferences, and with that history comes the stories of conference
August 31, 1954 – 115 excited, young men showed up to pre-season football training camp for Texas A&M. Instead of finding the usual well-groomed football field with green grass and painted lines, what they found had them questioning if they were in the right place.  Their practice field was a dry patch of cracked ground
You don’t have to be a sports fan to enjoy a visit to the Ben Hogan Museum, located in a historic building in downtown Dublin, Hogan’s childhood home. The museum is included in the Travel Channel’s “10 Bucket List Destinations for Golf Fans,” but even non-golfers will find something of interest and will appreciate learning
Imagine a city where the echoes of the past mingle with the cheers of the present, where you can find both a major cattle-driving route from the 19th century less than a mile from a national championship facility. Welcome to Round Rock, Texas, a city that has woven a rich tapestry of history and sports,
Fans love to debate who’s the best among competitors in various sports. Among female stars, an incredibly gifted athlete from Southeast Texas – Mildred Ella Didrickson Zaharias – inevitably earns recognition by many sports enthusiasts as the greatest of all time. The story of this super-competitive, multi-sport dynamo, who sadly lost her race with cancer
Ever been to a football game at the Cotton Bowl? How about a NASCAR experience at Texas Motor Speedway? If so, you know just about everything you need to know about Southern Bleacher, located in Graham, the county seat of Young County about 60 miles south of Wichita Falls. Southern Bleacher Company, with roots dating
Polo has long been known as the sport of kings, but for a few years during the early 1930s in Georgetown and the Texas Hill Country, it became the sport of cowboys. Polo was introduced to the United States around 1876 and soon afterward Texas became known for its tough, agile cowponies that were ideal
Carved from a humble beginning, today Flores Funeral Home stands among the Valley’s oldest businesses and among the most respected mortuary establishments. Epitacio Flores was originally a cabinet maker who began using his carpentry skills to make wooden caskets. Flores Funeral Home began in  1913 when Epitacio and his son, Jose R. Flores, founded “Agencia
Walk down the streets of Galveston past aging mansions and buildings where generations of people have walked before and you might feel a chill on a warm night, see movement in the shadows or hear a voice when no one is near. Is it a Gulf breeze playing tricks, or something else? There’s a saying