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You may not have heard of the Ruffini brothers, but you’ve probably seen their work. During the Gilded Age, F. E. "Ernst" and Oscar Ruffini were part of the first wave of professional architects to practice in Texas. Their legacy consists of commercial, public, institutional, and private buildings and residences constructed starting in 1870s. A
Texas is definitely a sports state. While we have many professional sports teams, championship college and university teams, and thousands upon thousands of K-12 and community athletes, and gridiron football has historically been the sport most closely associated with Texas, the official state sport is rodeo! The Texas State Library and Archives Commission is charged
As we celebrate the centennial of Texas State Parks, the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) is excited to share two of our online exhibits—as you plan your next trip, check out some history. Our digitized photographs, maps, state planning documents, and more are freely accessible online from anywhere, 24/7! Every Texan who has
Though the main mission of the State Archives is to preserve the records of state government, we also collect, maintain, and make accessible records of individuals, families, businesses, and organizations, including paper, digital, prints and photographs, video and sound, and artifacts at the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC). All together, these treasures represent

As the official repository for the records of the government, the Texas State Archives are robust in materials documenting of…