Since 2016, Authentic Texas has brought Texas heritage and culture, preservation efforts, and travel to a dedicated magazine format that did not exist before.


This quarterly statewide publication is available by paid subscription for home or office delivery and can be found for sale at retail outlets throughout the state. It’s also available for free at more than 100 visitor centers and select cultural and heritage sites.


Heritage Travelers

According to the U.S. Travel Industry Association, cultural and heritage travelers spend more than other types of travelers — an average of $994 per trip compared to $611 for all U.S. tourists. On average, heritage travelers tend to have completed more years of formal education; an above-average share of them have obtained college and postgraduate college degrees. This is a key audience with strong purchasing power.

Upcoming Editions

Issue 25 – Iconic Texas Businesses
Join us as we take stock of businesses established, owned and operated by Texans that have a local, regional, state or national impact.

Print and Digital – Spring/Summer

Issue 26 – Building Texas – The Architecture of Texas 
From designs by renowned architects to structures built by the CCC and WPA, the variety of building styles across the state contributes to the unique character of Texas.

Print and Digital – Summer/Fall

Issue 27 – Folklore, Ghosts & UFOs
Gather around the campfire or fireplace while we share a collection of Texas myths, legends and unexplainable occurrences.

Print and Digital – Fall/Winter

Issue 28 – The Sports Heritage of Texas
Whether it’s cowboy up, strike three, a first down, or hole in one, read why Texas athletes and coaches have enjoyed national attention!

Print and Digital – Winter

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