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Wild & Free on 83

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Wild & Free on 83

August 6-8, 2021
{The 1st Weekend in August}

Discover the rich heritage of communities along Highway 83 in the Texas Plains Trail Region while enjoying dozens of exciting, family-friendly pitstops along the way! A full calendar of events is on tap for Childress, Wellington, Shamrock and Wheeler. See the website or Facebook page for specific details!

This multi-community event was inspired by author Stew Magnuson’s book “The Last American Highway: A Journey Through Time Down U.S. Route 83: Texas.” In 2009, award-winning author Stew Magnuson set out to chronicle the past and present along this historically rich highway. He traveled its length in May 2010 and completed his writing project eight years later having written a series of books detailing his experience through six states – North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.

U.S. Highway 83, which extends 1,883 miles from the Canadian border in North Dakota to Brownsville, Texas, is one of the five longest highways in the United States. It is the longest highway in Texas at about 895 miles and is also dedicated as the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial Highway. On account of its route through sparsely populated heartland and its survival unreplaced by Interstate routing, author Stew Magnuson calls it “The Last American Highway.” 

Historic highways bring travelers to more than a single destination – as well as lead them to appreciate the spaces and experiences between. We hope to see you on the road – wild and free on 83!

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